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What is the Cost of Living Alliance?

The Cost of Living Alliance, convened by Community Organisers, is a grassroots movement representing over 100 local, regional and national organisations (and growing) that are committed to championing community-led solutions to the cost of living crisis, helping to build a future where everyone can afford their everyday needs. Together, we aim to:

1.INFORM: Build a community-led evidence base of the impact of the Cost of Living crisis across the UK

2.INSPIRE: Inspire cross-sector engagement and collaboration to identify short (1-2 years), medium (3-5 years) and longer-term (10 years) community-led solutions to the crisis, helping to ensure that everyone can afford their everyday needs

3.INFLUENCE CHANGE: Use our collective influence to call for changes by government, business, funders, civil society organisations and other power holders, helping UK communities to survive and thrive

The Alliance holds regular online meetings for members to provide support to those on the frontline of the crisis, share best practice and forge connectedness and community for those most affected. 

Why does the Alliance exist?

The last two years have put untold pressures on local people, communities and civil society organisations. And there is no sign of this easing with rising inflation causing further economic insecurities for individuals and families.

As costs increase, the millions of people living on low incomes will face impossible choices as they try to balance already precarious household budgets. 

What’s more, with civil society organisations already stretched after dealing with the challenges posed by the global pandemic, the increasing demand charities and voluntary groups are now facing - and with new segments of society forced to access emergency support - we need collective support and action more than ever.

What action is the Alliance taking to address the Cost of Living Crisis?

The Alliance is calling on its members to work collectively locally, regionally and nationally to: 

1. Collect and share stories that help to bring to life the impact of the Cost of Living crisis on individuals, families and communities across the UK. You can submit evidence or stories here - and we’ll re-share in our social channels, helping to amplify and build a national picture:

2. Use social media to challenge price increases and share community-led ideas and solutions mitigate the impact of the crisis on individuals, families and communities across the UK. Tag @colalliance in your comms. 

3. Declare a Cost of Living Emergency in your area. Lobbying your Council or other power holders to acknowledge the deepening crisis is one way to call for change. You may have already seen recent declarations from Eastbourne and Somerset councils which send a signal to the heart of government that we are facing a human emergency that cannot be ignored. ​


Collaborate with us to host a Cost of Living Summit, consulting key stakeholders in your area to develop national and local solutions that will help individuals, families and communities to cope with the impact of the crisis. From online meetings to large conferences - and everything in between - Alliance members are already working on Summit plans in a number of regions across the UK. Join a Summit or set up your own - and let’s work together to identify community-led solutions that will lead us out of this crisis together.

Monthly report

We've pulled together a summary of the first Cost of Living Alliance meeting, held on April 6 2022.

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